Check and satisfy necessary information about education programme/board before admission to responsibility of the institute/board after those fees once paid should not be refunded or changed under any rule. Every student abides to and obtains to present rules and regulations and directions of the institute/board and also those which are to be enforced time to time. Any change of the rules and regulations directions by the exam body shall be acceptable to the students. 

The Board/Organization runs self employment education program only and not give any graduate for further educational use or any job It any document found bogus the admission and result should be cancelled automatically without any notice. 
» IIT student fails to deposit the fees in the due time the admission should be cancelled without any notice and any primary deposit fees should not be refunded. 

» All study material or documents will be lost in the post no responsible of the institute/board. 

» If any student/members/teachers/employees of any institute/center have any dispute with the board/institution ‘it will be resolved through the committee appointed by the Institute. Under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1986, The decision of the Arbitration shall be final and binding on all parties. Direct court will not be permissible. Karnataka.