Study Center Eligibility:

Examination Center Requirement Documents-
1. Photocopy of recognized Organisation/School/Institution. by state govt. board. 
2. Certified copy constitution of Society/trust.
3. Alleged to copy of proposal of Organisation/School/Institution.
4. Certified Map of Organisation/School/institution.
5. Photo Graph of Building of Organisation/School/Institution.
6. List of Staff of Organisation/School/Institution.
7. Two Passport Size Photo with id of M. D of Organisation/School/Institution.
8. Stamp Paper Rs 100/- of M.D of organisation/School/Institution.
9. Organisation/School/Institution. the Accurate Recognized Fee Rs 30,000/- in name of Bharatiya Institute of Schooling Education (BISE). 

Requirement Space :- 1. Principal Office (1)
2. Staff Room (1) 
3. Library Room (1)
4. Class Room (8)

1. Center will be valid only for information center/study center/Exam center.
2. Three renewal charge according to their town will be given at the start of Every new tenure year.
3. A person who takes study center Bharatiya Institute of Schooling Education that cannot take franchise of another center.
4. Every study center has to use logo given by the Bharatiya Institute of Schooling Education.
5. All course and fee will be decided by head office study center cannot change according to him. 
6. Monthly meeting held by Head office every study center has to represent monthly report. and target will be given by The Head office and must be achieved by every study center.